Our services in the area of Sampling and Promotions for both Trade and Events has been a mainstay of our company for the past four years. In that time, we have gained key knowledge in the execution of trade promotions, factoring in common challenges like delivering multiple locations per day, covering key accounts and smaller retails outlet from Port of Spain  to Point Fortin, collecting and storing stock for the promotion period and stocking consumables in-keeping with invoice. Our team can handle small one week jobs like in-store banding and merchandising and more.

Thinking more about Event Promos?

Presentation is key at events where you only have a moment to capture the attention of thousands of visitors, so hire a team with the logistics back-end of a trade marketing business, with some extra services added in! Our team can assist in the design and production of promotional outfits, supply staff, transport, decor, make up, and ,more!

From Product Knowledge to Client Interface 

A major part of product sampling is knowing your product, its benefits and how they speak to the individual customer. When our staff is presented at a retail promotion, we understand that questions in the minds of the consumer can range from price and taste, to less thought about aspects like the products origin, its nutritional value, serving sizes for persons with allergies or living with ailments like diabetes or high blood pressure, All very important information that is communicated to our staff for each product we represent.

 Competitive Pricing in a Competitive Industry

The high turnover of staff involved in sampling and promotions has always posed a challenge to brand managers seeking staff that can be invested in for product knowledge, and other key performance areas. We have adopted this need and made it a part of our internal training, by pairing staffers that are new to a product, with those that are experienced in the representation of the product at hand. Other techniques like sharing product knowledge on our private facebook group, and encouraging discussion on this group for experiences  while on the trade, remarks from customers and preferences in selection, all assets among others, that make our service, a great choice for your next promotion.

Roadtrip Ready Staff!

Sometimes a great promotional crew  can activate in limited locations, North, West or East. we are always on the look out for staff from all areas and for staff ready to take a trip form Diego Martin to Point Fortin, Fyzabad, Sangre Grande, Mayaro / Rio Claro and more. Making the uniformity of the promotion the same across all participating retailers. That’s a service that not a lot of suppliers can offer, but its what we do, for our clients with national distribution.

Interested in requesting a quote for your next promotional roster? Shoot us an email at the contact us tab!