This program explores the theory and practical aspects of the recording environment, with a focus on applied skills. As a Level 1 student, the successful graduate will learn entry level competencies, applicable in the professional work environment. These skills will be considered minimum self employment or employable skills.

An Introduction to Digital Audio Engineering
  • The scope of audio technology
  • The analog and digital process
  • The role of computers in the recoding process
  • Digital tape, hard discs and storage media
Sound and Electricity in the Recording Environment
  • Sound and acoustic spaces
  • Acoustic treatment and solutions for recording spaces
  • Electronics of the recording studio, voltage, amperage
The Recording Studio
  • Microphone design and microphone technique (use)
  • Cables, connectors and cable protocol
  • Learning the digital recording console
  • Set up and maintenance of recording gear
  • Audio in the digital domain
  • MIDI and its function
The Business of Music
  • Session plan and sheet design
  • Booking procedures for recording sessions
  • Contracts:- booking, management, recording, distribution etc.
Recording and Production Techniques and Secrets
  • Proper use of the recording studio gear
  • MIDI in the recording session / Programming music
  • Recording, editing & mixing in pro tools & logic audio
  • Completing a basic production for assessment