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The University of Trinidad and Tobago, through their Professional Unit (PEU) will begin delivering our courses in 2016. The first of these will be in Sound Engineering and will take the form of a series of short courses; designed to meet the needs of participants interested in learning at their own pace. This method of delivery will allow for two key types of participants, these are:

  1. Participants interested in training / re-training in specific areas of sound engineering, requiring only a limited time frame to be adequately trained, as per their needs.
  2. Participants interested in learning all areas and interested in all modules, but unable to commit over six consecutive months of training.

Utilising this short course per module approach, participants can start courses and complete modules within 24 to 40 hours, spread over four to five weekend sessions, at the end of the requisite number of modules successfully completed, participates will be assessed against the National Examinations Council (NEC) assessment protocol and may be awarded a national certificate. (Level 1)

Unique to this type of training will be the embedding of our assessment at the end of each short course, as this will serve as a continual assessment component for participants, that may continue along with other modules, as time and opportunity may allow, this is a very attractive feature of our programme to full-time working persons, parents, or frequent travellers.

As spots are limited to 12 to 15 per course, we advise that interested persons book their spot as soon as possible, to guarantee their placement into the rotation and the module of interest; the first being the Introduction to Digital Audio Engineering.

This series of courses will be delivered by Industry Professionals and matched to the educational values of the NEC, as such this should be considered a professional training programme utilising fully digital recording hardware software and methodology , in use daily in the professional production and live sound environment. The cost of this course has been set at $4800.00 TTD per person, and includes time on equipment, master class sessions with industry professionals and assessment to the award of a full certificate at the end of five modules.

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