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September 23rd, 2018
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Cinema Cameras and LUTs, delivering the cutting edge look to productions.

Video production in the field and in the post production process particularly have undergone a number of advancements just within the last two years; with the democratization of once ultra expensive digital cinema gear, filmmakers and corporate producers can now get our hands on gear that produces footage that we have always wanted, while maintaining a price point that appeals to our markets and clients.

At Basillai Ent. and Lai & Associates DMC  just added Canon C100 to the gear list and I must say, this is a beauty to work with. The versatility of the images means we can deliver a crisp clean image for a production like a medical, dental or corporate client, then switch to shooting in wide dynamic range (WDR) to capture some amazingly flat images, ripe for color grading and overlay of film stock, LUTs and other post goodies, for short films, mini docs and other creative works. Also, when paired with Cine lenses which we have been shooting on for the past two years, this camera really shines.

LUTs applied in Color FInale give the footage a vintage look, pleasing to many clients and viewers.

Mr. Martin Raymond of the UTT Audio Technology Programme.

Stepping up our skills also enables our clients to tell their story differently too, one example was a recently commissioned New Student Intake Video Series for a university, using a kodak film stock and LUT for post, giving a great vintage look in the final product, a style that is popular with the age demographic of their videos.

Social media has also benefitted from this as well, as the cost of production is way less but the quality is excellent, coupled with the use of presents and colouring LUTs, even footage ment for social media distribution can look like a big budget went into it.

When next you’re considering a corporate, social media, special event or other video production, take a moment to look at the options that are available now in the final product, as digital cinema has opened up the fore and like any good service provider, Basillai and Lai and Associates DMC are ready to deliver for our clients.


Comments Off on Cinema Cameras and LUTs, delivering the cutting edge look to productions.

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