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December 11th, 2017
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Bookdrive Pro Technology Strengthens Our Digitization Services








In an effort to streamline our services in the area of Book and Document Digitization, BLE has recently acquired a BookDrive Pro system, designed to handle small, medium and large library or archive needs . An increased processing capacity of up to 700 pages of colour images per hour, enables entire libraries to be even more efficiently processed, with clients receiving world class standards in the capture, processing and delivery methods used.

ISO standards like PDF/A technology, OCR capabilities of up to 98% accuracy and image resolution reaching as high as 5184 x 3456, JPEG or even RAW files; these new capabilities takes our services to the international standards of those used at universities and libraries including the City of Toronto Archives Digitization Program, Texas Tech University and the University of California San Francisco among others.

Recently Acquired Digitization Machine, processes up to 700 pages an hour.

Basillai Entertainment: Recently Acquired Digitization System, processes up to 700 pages an hour.

…You only need to make settings for the first pair of images. The program will apply those settings to the remaining pairs automatically for unattended, hassle-free fast batch operation. Load as many books and as many chapters each of which having its own profile as you want, hit Run, and then leave. Come back and you will see the job completed.


Archived files to original law books and  medical journals, our services can now meet the needs of Librarians and Records Management Professionals throughout the region, seeking Internationally accepted standards in Digitization. Contact us for a quote to professionally digitize your corporate archives, libraries or other records with fast turn around and internationally recognised formats and standards.


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