In 2009 BLE entered the realm of book publishing with the successful launch of our first publication, The Dream Wedding Handbook. This high gloss 7 x 9 magazine was published with dozens of discount vouchers from various leading Bridal Industry Suppliers in T&T and was targeted at the thousands of engaged couples that decide to tie the knot every year in Trinidad and Tobago. The first run of 10,000 copies was successfully distributed through dozens of Bridal Shops, Spas, Boutiques, Bridal Registries and even Hair Dressing Saloons across Trinidad and Tobago.

With a 12 month shelf like on the vouchers, the magazines were a hit and a second publication of this one-of-a-kind magazine, is being planned for the third quarter of 2012. The new magazine hopes to double its size form 64 pages to over 120, and will carry many more discount vouchers for couples planning their wedding through 2012-13.

Other publishing plans are also in the works as a text and workbook for the Sound Engineering Course, developed by BLE is also getting a revamp for 2012.