This level 1 Sound Engineering program is certified by the National Examinations Council) of Trinidad and Tobago. The certificate is also valid throughout all CARICOM countries and empowers  working professionals when travelling to CARIOM countries seeking employment.

Hands on Training


The program is taught in studio and not a classroom, affording the participants more exposure to the equipment and professional studio environment where albums, ads and other recordings take place daily.

Become Employable


Level 1 certification will afford those seeking immediate employment, the academic certification needed to become eligible for employment in the field as an assistant sound engineer or entry level digital editor.

Further Training at UTT


This program has been identified as a minimum entry requirement of the University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT) Audio Technology diploma  and Degree Programme. Successful graduates will be given special consideration for admission into the University of Trinidad and Tobago’s Audio Technology course.

Continual Assessment


Participants will be certified as level 1 sound engineer after successfully completing each module, covering various employable skills. These modules will be taught as a skill needed to function successfully in the work environment and ability will be assessed during the execution of each skill in the development of the individual project.