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Removing Bolusters from mould Television Production

Filming How We Make It, hand made Vs. factory made, which is better?

Filming a new series is always an interesting process. This is my fifth new series and my first documentary styled production and there is one thing that I’ve learned, as much as you may plan in pre production, the real content is captured on location, in the field. This new series is being produced to […]

IMG_0002 Blog

About Becoming Certified as an Artist, on The National Registry

                Quite recently, I applied for registration as a Cultural Worker at the Ministry of The Arts and Multiculturalism. This process was developed to list cultural workers and I imagine, to establish a database of persons like myself, that may work in an industry, but be somewhat isolated […]

IMG_0893 Blog

How Sponsors Benefit from Trinidad Carnival

  Every year the same sponsors join the foray of sponsorship for the Carnival Season. No corner shop, music truck, rest stop, or even mobile washroom is safe. With hundreds of thousands of dollars being spent in the production of seemingly endless feet of bunting, specially made mesh wraps for vehicles, lit signs on Mas […]

IMG_0915 Event Promotions

FC’s PINK Credit Card Angels, at Saint’s Fete.

For the second year in a row, the First Citizens PINK Angels have been spotted at premium all inclusive parties for Trinidad’s Carnival. Recently, patrons of Bishops Fete and the always popular UWI fete were greeted by our angels, patrons posed with the models and pics were immediately uploaded to the products’ Facebook page for […]

Movie Clipping 1 Television Production

Production Begins On New Series Featuring T&T Factories.

After years of pre-production work, we have begun production on our latest television series. How We Make It, will feature scores of local manufacturers both large and small, that all produce products for Local, Regional and International consumption. Products ranging from Liquor to Concrete blocks will all be featured, with special attention being given to […]

UTT Signage Blog

UTT, Joins our Corporate Client List

We have recently added the prestigious brand of UTT to our line up of corporate clients! Basil Lai Entertainment has recently been selected as a provider of video production services by the Corporate Communications Department of the University of Trinidad and Tobago, with our first production being a feature of the folks at Human Resources. A […]

_DSC0003 Multimedia

Behind the Scenes of a Business Feature

BLE has recently started work on a new Business Feature destined for television broadcast, with one of our corporate clients the Regulated Industries Commission. This feature, like many others, is being made to educate the viewing public on the functions of the organization and how the public can access their services. One effective way to achieve […]

fc wings Event Promotions

FC Pink Activations launched at all inclusive parties!

                        For 2012, BLE assisted in the event marketing of the FC Pink Credit Card in various All Inclusive Fetes of the season. A first for the Financial House, this card carries with it a social aspect that identifies the challenge of overcoming the […]

P1020887 Multimedia

Corporate Video Production

Basil Lai Entertainment has been producing business features for our corporate clients for a number of years, for use as Broadcast Features, Internal Training, Progress Reports for regional Head Offices and as Employee Relations and Human Resources exercises. Product features are also recorded and produced into segments and have been instrumental in incorporating video into […]

Post Cereals Flintsones promotion Merchandising & Retail Solutions

Post Cereals “Flintstones” Promos

Post Cereals Brands held a fun promotion at supermarkets giving customers a chance to win a WII FIT! Coupled with the tasting taking place at the stores, customers were invited to attach their contact info to box tops and supermarkets nationwide. Our promotional staff was provided with fun and very visible costumes depicting Wilma and […]

Activia Trade Promotion Merchandising & Retail Solutions

Activia Promotions

Activia by Dannon, was promoted on the trade route with both the Activia Brand and the kids brand Dannonino taking centre stage. The product, known as focusing on healthy lifestyle and targeting mainly women, was offered at sampling for oth men and women and the taste was a winner. Coupled with the taste Activia is […]

P1020750 Merchandising & Retail Solutions

Granola Crunch Promotions

Have you tried the new Granola Crunch Cereals from Universal Foods? Well, we have been sampling at dozens of retail locations across Trinidad and the response has been great! This new product also has a fun facebook promotion that invites Granola Crunch fans to produce their own video showing how much they love the product […]